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Residential Building Inspection

Home Inspections

ProVision works for both homebuyers and sellers in Wayne & Pike Counties.

  • Buyers Inspection – Are you buying a home near Honesdale, Hawley, or near Lake Wallenpaupack? You can have peace of mind by trusting ProVision with your new home inspection and knowing you can soundly move forward with your investment.
  • Sellers Inspection – Before you take the step of listing your old property in Northeastern PA, let us do your prelisting inspection. With our property review, you can be aware of any repairs that may be needed prior to selling your home. Who doesn’t want to sell for top dollar? This inspection can help you do just that.
Septic Inspections

Septic Inspections

Based on what is requested, we do visual septic inspections or open pit inspections for your property:

  • Visual Inspections are very limited inspections. We will run water in the house and flush the toilets to see that the water is not getting backed up or pooling on the property, but this doesn’t mean everything is functioning as it should. The tank may or may not be located, but it is usually not opened or checked unless the access lid is already exposed.
  • Open Pit Inspections are more in-depth; we will physically look in to the septic tank and evaluate its condition.
Property Management Services

Property Management

Part-Time Poconos resident? Put your mind at ease. Even if your home here in NEPA is not your full-time residence, let us take care of things while your away.

  • Home Site Check – For when your home is not occupied to give you peace of mind. Why would you need this?
  • It gives your home another layer of security with the illusion that your home is visited and in use year-round – doing more to prevent a break-in to your valuable property!
  • Checking frequently can catch or prevent possible damage to your home both on the inside and outside. For example, ProVision will check in all winter and prevent any frozen pipes or catch a break sooner than later—preventing thousands of dollars in potential damage!
  • With our service constantly in use, you will have reputable contractors on hand and at the ready if anything would need to be done with your home.
  • We will remind you and schedule your septic upkeep as well.

Now that you know generally what we do, we are sure you’re asking what is it exactly that we inspect when contracted?

  • Exterior – Walk on roof (when possible), Check Roofing Material, Chimney, Flashing, Roof, Structure, Gutters, Vents, Siding, Windows, Doors, Drainage, Insulation, Ventilation
  • Foundation – Basement Walls, Floors, Framing Structure, and Dampness; Crawlspace Walls, Drainage, Insulation, Ventilation, Structural Elements
  • Heating/cooling – Age, Type, Condition, Controls, Efficiency & Operation
  • Electric system – Amperage, Voltage, Service type, Adequacy, Wiring type & Condition, Outlets & Safety Devices
  • Plumbing – Piping & Condition, Water Pressure, Delivery Method, Water Heater, Waste System type, Condition of Fixtures
  • Appliances – Type, Condition & Operation
  • Attic – Insulation, Ventilation, Roof Structure & Energy Recommendations
  • Interior – Windows, Doors, Walls, Ceiling
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