Very often overlooked in a real estate transaction, first time or seasoned home buyers must realize about one thing: the most important part of the home-buying process is getting a professional home inspection from a qualified, certified home inspector.


At Provision Home Inspections, LLC., our pre-purchase buyers home inspections consist of a complete, visual but non-invasive inspection of the entire home: exterior, visible foundation, roof, electrical, Air Conditioning and Heating, Plumbing, Interior, Appliances; the standard inspection are not technically exhausting unless an issue is found that requires further investigating (additional fees may apply).


We provide the following during a home inspection:

  • Knowledge detecting deficiencies, finding construction issues (that is what you are paying for, to find issues)

  • Thorough inspections

  • We never rush doing and inspection

  • Provide a tour at the end of the inspection to point at the most important defects you need to know immediately

  • A computerized report that includes a summary page, major and minor issues, information you need to know (disclaimers). 

  • Same day report or within 24 hours

  • We climb the roof when accessible and no roof risk damage (e.g. clay tile roof)

  • We inspect your attic 


The Standard Visual Limited Home Inspection or  Buyer's Pre-Purchase Home Inspection is the most common inspection we perform and it is performed as part of a real estate transaction. This in and out service covers all components of a property: Exterior, Structural, Roof, Attic, Electrical, A/C Systems, Plumbing, Kitchen, Interior, and more per industry standards. The goal of this inspection is to provide the buyer with a report of all visible issues found in the home and educate the buyer in order for him/her to make an informed decision on the property.

seller's pre-listing home inspection

The Seller's Pre-Listing home inspection will give you a detailed assessment of your home's readily accessible areas through the eyes of a neutral third-party. If there are any defects or safety issue, this inspection will give you the opportunity to arrange repairs at your own discretion before the property is listed, increasing the chances of smooth and successful negotiations with a buyer.

11th month warranty inspection

The 11th Month Warranty Inspection is recommended for individuals who have owned a brand new home for less than a year. You will be given a detailed assessment of any issues than may have emerged since your move in. If the home is still protected by the builders 1-year warranty, you may be exempt from repaid costs if defective components meet the criteria as stated in the original agreement.