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Heath Crellin | President

Heath comes to ProVision with 25 years of Construction and Building experience. It is this background that has led him to starting this new chapter in life in Wayne and Pike County—Home Inspecting.

After High School my first job was a laborer for a successful framing company. During my time working with them I learned all the different phases of construction. After I left, I was a lead foreman building custom residential homes. There were two main assets I learned and held on to from this time of my career: I learned a great work ethic and how important the main structure of a home is.

After years of being in the construction field with a few different companies, I learned the ways things should be done and unfortunately the ways they should not. I believe both helped me become more observant on the proper way to do things and how not to.

I spent time in the NYC Carpenters Union building high rises. I was in the concrete division which soon led me to become a project superintendent. During this time, I had the opportunity to learn more about the commercial end of the industry. I had multiple trades working under me at all times. I was responsible for making sure safety was always in order and, of course, getting the job done correctly.

After some time, the long commute was getting to me and I wanted to spend more time home with my family. So, I opened my own home building company. This is where I believe I have learned the most, which is going to bring me to the next chapter in my life, Home Inspections.

I’ll be a great home inspector because over my many years I’ve had the opportunity to be involved hands on as well as manage jobsites. I’ve also repaired a lot of work that has failed a home inspection. While doing this repair work I was surprised on how many items I found (without much effort even!) that were missed by the inspector. Most of these were very simple repairs but if let go, could have become very serious and costly problems. The new homeowner would then be blindsided and have to figure out how to pay for these repairs. I was also very surprised that most inspectors didn’t know how it should be properly repaired. In my opinion, if you know it’s broke then you should know how to correct it.

In most cases buying a home is the biggest investment someone will ever make. Most people are putting their entire life’s savings into doing so. A house is a huge investment and the future owner should be fully aware of what they are buying. I have the full experience and knowledge to make sure you are confident in what you are purchasing along with making sure the repairs will be done correctly if you choose for us to also do the follow up work.


  • ASHI Standard of Practice and Code of Ethics
  • Radon & RDP Measurement Certified
  • 120 Hour Professional Real Estate Inspection Certification Program from ICA

Keith Egli

Keith has 30 years of Construction and Excavation background and brings a lot to the table for Provision.

As a high school student, I had two years of electrical studies in Delaware Valley learning residential and commercial electrical systems. I also worked with my father who owned a land clearing and tree removal business. After graduating, I worked in all phases of construction from framing houses to installing roof siding, decks, light plumbing, and electrical. I did these types of jobs before moving onto the career that I have been involved with now for last 2 decades.

For the past 21 years I’ve worked for one of the largest septic companies in the United States. Starting from the bottom, I’ve learned all phases of septic installation and repair for Residential and Commercial sites. As a technician it was my job to evaluate septic systems and explain to customers the proper way to maintain their system, inform them of any defects in their system, or anything they should be doing to keep their septic system operating properly.

As a home inspector I think it is very important to be able to explain to a customer and potential homeowner the important maintenance aspects of their house. There are things they need to watch out for and take care of on a monthly or yearly basis. I feel my knowledge that I have collected over the years of my career helps me to relay information to customers who may be overwhelmed with the excitement of buying a new house and might miss something that could potentially cost them a lot of money.


  • 120 Hour Professional Real Estate Inspection Certification Program from ICA
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